Steam cooking: delicious and very healthy Compact Line | Steam Oven Mixing and combining food with strong, individual flavours such as fish cooked along side delicate vegetables is achievable in an ATAG steam oven because the steam cooking process prevents flavour transfer. Advantages • Steam function for cooking without overcooking. • Retention of vitamins, minerals and structure in the food. • Healthy cooking with retention of your ingredients true identity and individuality: no fat and salt to be added. • Mixing and combining various food at once without flavour transfer. 98

Compact Line LOSS OF WEIGHT DURING THE COOKING PROCESS 25 CHICKEN 15 20 10 5 0 TRADITIONAL MICROWAVE HIGH PRESSURE STEAMER LOW PRESSURE STEAMER CHANGE OF FAT TO SATURATED FAT % weight 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 UNCOOKED HIGH PRESSURE STEAMER TRADITIONAL MICROWAVE SALMON STEAK UNCOOKED COOKED WHITE FISH VEGETABLES Compact Steam Oven (390 mm) SX3211C Stainless Steel SX3292C Graphite Black Features • pre set menu for typical dishes • 8 temperatures with pre-programmed cooking times • electronic temperature and steam control • child-proof lock Design • 23 litre capacity • water, programme and temperature level indicators • defrost function • stand-by modes • no water supply required LOW PRESSURE STEAMER LOSS OF SALT AND MINERALS SALT CALCIUM MAGNESIUM 380 560 50 378 550 450 595 TRADITIONAL MICROWAVE HIGH PRESSURE STEAMER LOW PRESSURE STEAMER 544 22 390 Accessories: • special stainless steel steam-oven dish Optional accessories: • multi-level rack for steaming on 2 levels at once, ACS3011F • connection load 2.1 kW Multi-level rack for steamer ACS3011F • suitable for steamer model SX3211C/SX3292C • accessory to enable cooking at two levels, thus doubling the capacity of the steamer • stainless steel steaming dish and stainless steel base (identical to the stainless steel accessory supplied) • stainless steel support 99 See page 167 for Technical Specifications Ovens

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